This CD was recorded in celebration of two important anniversaries in the Doležal Quartet’s history: in 2017 we celebrated 45 years since the ensemble’s foundation, and a year later 15 years since the name was passed on to the current generation. This recording is a selection of pieces, which have been in the Doležal Quartet’s repertoire since the very beginning, and which have a special place in our hearts.

Dvořák’s American Quartet belongs to our most performed pieces and it is now recorded based on our new review of Dvořák’s manuscript. While we had always embraced the traditional Czech interpretation of the piece, we were inspired by Günter Pichler (Alban Berg Quartet), who always held in great respect the printed partiture, to go back and re-examine the primary source. We found a reaffirmation there for the traditional interpretation. However, we also discovered a number of differences, which we incorporated into our new interpretation of the piece.

String Quartet by Maurice Ravel is one of our most favourite pieces, which was recommended to us by Natalia Prischepenko (Artemis Quartet) already during our studies in French Provence for its likeness to our characteristic style. It was also Ravel’s Quartet we were invited to perform on our tour across France after the final masterclass concert.

Both quartets were recorded in a unique venue of the Rudolfinum in Prague – Dvořák Hall.

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